The Australian Construction Industry Forum calls on Australia’s political parties to consider and adopt ACIF’s policy priorities.


The Australian construction industry employs over 1.2 million Australians, and in 2017-18 had a turnover of $248 billion.

Therefore, the construction industry is one of the main drivers of the Australian economy and its productivity and success is critical to the growth and success of the Australian economy.

Given the importance of construction to the Australian economy and people, ACIF advocates that the Federal Government and all State and Territory Governments have dedicated construction ministers. This would result in better outcomes for the industry, and enhance a critical sector of the Australian economy.

ACIF (of which the AIB is a current member) has the following policy priorities for 2019:

  • Commitment by state and federal governments to implement the recommendations of the Shergold-Weir Report by February 2021.
  • Support for the Building Information Modelling Strategy of Australasian BIM Advisory Board.
  • The Australian Building & Construction Commission to be retained.
  • The implementation of an effective regime to be established to minimise the use of non-conforming building products.


Download ACIF 2019 Policy Priorities

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