AIB Congratulates the Qld Government on Skills and Training Taskorce

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today welcomed the announcement by the Queensland Government on the establishment of the Skills and Training Taskforce.

Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer, stated that, As the Australian and Queensland economies and populations are growing fast, it is essential that the appropriate structures are put in place to ensure that we have the right skills sets in key industries in years to come, including building and construction.

Each state needs to pay careful attention to future skills and training to ensure that they enough of the right professionals and tradespeople to ensure maximum economic and community potential, low unemployment, and planning to educate these workers of the future.

This process should not be conducted in a haphazard fashion, but scientifically and methodically, and we hope that this new taskforce approaches things in this manner, and has the appropriate funding to do its job properly.

Mr Hunt added, A skilled and highly educated workforce is the way Australia can compete and move ahead, and we congratulate the efforts of the Queensland Government for its foresight. We encourage other states to do the same so that Australia can continue to be highly prosperous and the clever country. AIB looks forward to working with the Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce in its future endeavours.