AIB Gives Guarded Praise to Reforms of the Qld Building Services Authority

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today welcomed the reforms to the Queensland Building Services Authority announced last week, but expressed disappointment with some aspects. The lack of proposals for compulsory CPD and AIB membership being a means to obtain an open building licence were notable omissions.

“The plan to implement a system of continuing professional development (CPD) is a very positive development for the building industry in Queensland, but it is unfortunate that it will not be compulsory. If the CPD system is not compulsory then it will lack teeth and will largely be ignored”, said Mr Robert Whittaker, AIB National President.

“Further, given the high educational and experience benchmarks for corporate membership of the Australian Institute of Building, this should be one pathway to obtaining an open building licence in Queensland. We were also disappointed that this was not amongst the proposals.”

“Retaining the ‘one-stop shop’ model with appropriate corporate governance structures is what we requested in our submission, so we have no issues with that.”

“We welcome the review the current licensing system to ensure it is meeting its stated objectives, including clarification of what constitutes unlicensed building work.”

“We also praise the proposals to: develop and implement a framework for undertaking routine checks for compliance with building standards and codes; consider the development and implementation of a rapid domestic adjudication model to fast track domestic building disputes with mandated response timelines; and develop an improved suite of domestic building contracts.”

“ Whilst initially disappointed that the profession was not represented on the Review Panel, AIB looks forward to being involved in the development of the recommendations made and the further work to done, as the devil is often in the detail”, Mr Whittaker added.

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