AIB Pushes for Critical Construction Reforms in NSW Planning White Paper Response

As part of their submission to the NSW Government on Planning Reforms, the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) has recommended a number of key recommendations on NSW building regulation.

For the new planning system to work in delivery, there must be a holistic solution which delivers consumer quality confidence of the built product, said Mr Chris Bulmer FAIB, AIB NSW Chapter President.

There are two essential components required to attain a quality outcome. Firstly, the role of the Chartered Building Professional needs to be recognised in legislation. On a progressive basis during project delivery, acting independently, the Chartered Building Professional should be required to sign off that the building is compliant with the technical standards”.

Mr Bulmer went onto to say “that it should also be mandatory for all commercial building contractors to be licensed. NSW and the Northern Territory are the only jurisdictions in Australia that do not require commercial builders to be licensed. It makes no sense that you need a licence to build a home extension, but not a multi-storey residential tower. Licensed builders should also be required to adhere to a professional code of ethics.”

“I look forward to speaking with the NSW Government to give further feedback on the White Paper and the required construction reforms”, Mr Bulmer added.

The AIB submission to the NSW Planning White Paper can be viewed: here.

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Mr Christopher Bulmer FAIB FAIM

AIB NSW Chapter President

Visiting Fellow, Faculty Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney

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