AIB Supports Planning Reforms – and now for Construction Reforms!

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) supports the initiatives of the NSW Government White Paper on Planning Reforms. The five key elements on which the paper is based – community participation, delivering infrastructure, strategic planning, cultural change, and transparent development assessment – all have the potential to increase community and consumer confidence in building outcomes.

“The reforms are welcomed by building professionals in NSW”, said Mr Chris Bulmer, AIB NSW Chapter President.

“There are a range of measures in this document which will directly assist in improving building regulation and support, whilst removing bottlenecks and delays for builders. It is welcome relief for a struggling construction industry in NSW.”

“The planning reforms will complement construction reforms which we are currently discussing with the Building Professionals Board and Fair Trading. Consumers require greater assurance on the quality and technical compliance of their buildings. Under the current system, the Occupancy Certificate issued by the Building Certifier, does not give an assurance on quality. Assurance will only be delivered through the role of the Chartered Building Professional and more specifically, the Chartered Builder. On completion, the Chartered Builder should issue a Certificate of Assurance and the Building Certifier should continue to issue the Occupancy Certificate. The Chartered Builder should be mandated through regulation exactly the same way as the Building Certifier already is.”

Mr Bulmer went on to say, “It was great to see the work being done by the Owners Corporation Network, the Urban Taskforce and the Property Council of Australia in carefully examining ways in which better quality outcomes can be attained. We support their current ideas, but believe to deliver an even better outcome, a process also needs to be in place to ensure that defective work is rectified during construction. This would be achieved through the role of the Chartered Builder being responsible to monitor the work being delivered by the Licenced Building Contractor.”

“I look forward to speaking with the NSW Government to give further feedback on the White Paper and how it can be dove-tailed with the required construction reforms”, Mr Bulmer added.

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