AIB welcomes launch of Brighton Industrial Housing Corporation

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today welcomed the launch of the Brighton Industrial Housing Corporation in Tasmania, with an injection of $100 million from the Tasmanian Government.

With the builders around Australia enduring one of the worst downturns in recent times, this is very welcome news, said Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer.

This announcement will not only deliver 400 affordable homes for Tasmanians, but this investment is expected to produce an overall benefit to the economy of $300 million.

AIB also applauds that these new homes have an energy rating of at least 6 stars, being designed with superior thermal efficiency.

The AIBs preference would be for carbon emissions to keep being reduced through good thermal efficiency design, rather than an economy-wide carbon tax which also affects building materials, and this project is a good showcase of how this can be achieved.

The AIB commends the Tasmanian Government on the launch of this housing corporation, Mr Hunt said.