Friday, 2 March 2018


Banned builder Matthew Geoffrey Rixon has been sentenced to 18 months jail for contempt of court, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said today.

Rixon, 33, pleaded guilty to contempt of court for breaching NSW Supreme Court orders made in April 2013 that permanently banned him from working in the home building industry.

In September 2013 Rixon was charged for breaching those orders and a year later was given a suspended sentence of 18 months jail.
However, within five months of being sentenced, Rixon accepted $10,000 from an Allawah man to carry out fencing work that was never finished.

Mr Kean said the jail term was a great outcome, considering Rixon’s repeated shocking behaviour, which had left another unsuspecting consumer out of pocket.

“Despite knowing full well he could not operate as a builder, Rixon took this poor man’s hard-earned money, and left him high and dry,” Mr Kean said.

“Rixon certainly has form in this type of offending – yet he continued to behave badly despite a suspended sentence hanging over his head.
“I want to see consumers being put first, and this result sends a strong message to other traders not to break the law.
“This is also the culmination of hard work and commitment by NSW Fair Trading officers in bringing him to justice.”

The sentence follows the extradition of Rixon by NSW Police from Queensland last month, after the NSW Supreme Court issued a bench warrant when he failed to appear in court.

Matt Kean – Minister of Innovation and Better Regulation

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