It’s been a busy couple of weeks as we continue to edge closer to Christmas. Last Wednesday I attended an Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) meeting in Canberra where we spent the morning with a number of senior politicians including:

  • Angus Taylor – Assistant Minister for Cities and the Digital Transformation. I asked the Assistant Minister about the long talked about fast rail corridor between Brisbane/Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne. It was his view that it’s not that we don’t have the know how to construct the infrastructure for the project, rather the greater issue being agreement on a realistic funding model
  • Paul Fletcher – Minister for Urban Infrastructure. Discussion was around road and rail infrastructure in both city and regional areas as well as the group seeking the Commonwealth to consider joining the BIM Advisory Board
  • Senator Chris Ketter. Much was discussed around our and others input into the Senate Enquiry into non-conforming building products. The initial report has been written and is now with Government. It is hoped it will be released around April next year with a clear set of recommendations etc

At the ACIF meeting during the afternoon there was much discussion around non-conforming building products and non-compliant use. Neil Savery from the Australian Building Codes Board made it abundantly clear a number of distinctions:

  1. A non-conforming product is a product that purports to be something that it is not and is marketed or supplied with the intent to deceive those who intend using it (in other words they are fraudulent)
  2. A product that is not fit for purpose is a product that is used in situations where they do not comply with the requiremnents of the NCC
  3. The non-compliant use of a product is associated with decisions by those in the chain of custody around how a product is used

I thought you may find the above information useful.

Our National Office will close from lunchtime on 22nd of this month and reopen at 9am on Monday 8th January 2018. Can I take this opportunity to personally wish you and yours a great Christmas/New Year break. Be safe and lets make 2018 another positive year for the Australin Institute of Building.

Greg Hughes
CEO, Australian Institute of Building