Building Professionals Group cautions Government on US Skills Deal

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today cautioned the Australian Government on its plans to import so called skilled construction project managers from the US to fill local demand that can be easily accommodated locally with astute forward planning.

The peak Australian building professional institute has not been consulted on this US plan and only heard of it in the media late yesterday says Mr Hunt Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB).

There is a lot of hard work being done to maintain high standards of senior construction project managers and you cant just import people without consulting with the local profession to ensure a similar or better standard will be achieved says Mr Hunt.

Whos going to assess the skills of these individuals? What criteria are you going to set to ensure they are adequately prepared for the Australian conditions, laws and customs and how will these imported workers fit the framework being developed by the COAG taskforce looking at National Licensing of the Building Professions? says Mr Hunt

There is no doubt the building industry needs more workers but we must ensure that any recruitment drive is based on the proper fundamentals and protects the Australian economy say Mr Hunt

The AIB is disappointed that the Government has made such an announcement without consulting with the key building groups who may well have other solutions that focus on up skilling the Australian workforce within the industry.

The Australian Institute of Building calls on the Government to consult with its own professional building professions to ensure that such a proposal doesnt back fire and cause damage to the economy and the Built Environment says Mr Hunt.