Building Professionals Support Work of ABCC in the Northern Territory

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today spoke in favour of the work of the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC) in the Northern Territory, and its efforts to crack down on building firms that underpay their staff.

Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer said that, We strongly support the work of the ABCC in the top end, and we endorse its actions to recover wages for employees that have been incorrectly paid, whether by oversight or design.

Eligible members of the AIB are entitled to use the term Chartered Builder which is an internationally recognised sign of professional qualified and experienced senior builders who have been independently assessed by the profession. As an AIB member Chartered Builder are bound by a code of ethics.

If we find that any of our Chartered Builder members have been acting dishonestly we will not hesitate to remove them from our Institute. The work of the AIB is to promote professionalism in the building and construction industry and we will not tolerate behavior in the industry that reflects in a negative way on professional builders.