Dear AIB Members, Entrants, Sponsors & Guests,


I trust you are keeping well and staying safe in these uncertain times.

Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and ongoing concerns, it has become necessary to change the format of the Professional Excellence in Building Awards on Friday 17th of September from a live event to one that is “Virtual”.

This will be a similar event to last year, with the full show available to view on the AIB YouTube. We hope you enjoy and celebrate the wonderful projects that have been completed under trying circumstances.

Take care.

Thanking you for your patience and support.


Kind Regards,

Geoff Dart
Executive Director


2020 AIB National Professional Excellence in Builiding Awards


Sponsored by ASSA ABLOY

Terms & Conditions

– Only open to CURRENT AIB Members
– The winner must correctly identify all 8 buildings and the city they are located in in the correct order
– Only messages to the AIB instagram will be accepted (@australianinsituteofbuilding)
– The first AIB Member to do so will be the winner


The 2020 AIB Victoria and Tasmania Professional Excellence Awards awards are going virtual! Join us on the 23rd of October for the LIVE Awards on our Youtube Account

This year, AIB has decided for the states that unfortunately are not able to celebrate together in person, the Awards will be brought to the screen! No registration required – these Youtube Events are open to everyone!

We hope you will join us in what will be a celebration of Building Excellence across the nation!

If you have any questions – please contact Abigail Czudek on (02) 6253 1100 or awards@aib.org.au


The 2020 AIB New South Wales & Hong Kong Professional Excellence Awards awards are going virtual! Join us on the 16th of October on our Youtube Account

This year, AIB has decided for the states that unfortunately are not able to celebrate together in person, the Awards will be brought to the screen! No registration required – these Youtube Premiere Events are open to everyone!

We hope you will join us in what will be a celebration of Building Excellence across the nation!

If you have any questions – please contact Abigail Czudek on (02) 6253 1100 or awards@aib.org.au


The 2020 AIB South Australian Professional Excellence Awards tickets are now on sale – please follow this link to purchase your tickets: https://www.aibawards.org/book-now

Tickets will be on sale until the 23rd of October 2020 – spots are limited due to COVID-19 so don’t wait!

We hope you will join us in celebrating all the SA projects and reconnecting after a trying start to the year.

If you have any questions – please contact Abigail Czudek on (02) 6253 1100 or awards@aib.org.au


9 April 2020

This last period has seen our AIB world transformed by circumstances that we could not have imagined as we spent much of the summer months coping with the combination of fire, floods and dust that impacted communities around Australia.

We are in unprecedented times with a range of restrictions affecting the community as we adapt to the new norm of ‘social distancing.’ While the circumstances for some is an enforced 14-day isolation if we are at risk of having been exposed on some form of travel and just returned, we need to remain separate to protect others in our families and the community.

Less than a month ago your National Council met to plan the program of Institute activities for the next 12 months that was structured for:

  • National and Chapter events;
  • ongoing Course Accreditation work with our Tertiary Education providers;
  • CPD presentations, Site Visits and local training information;
  • our mentoring program extended across all Chapters; and
  • the commencement of our subscription year.

With this, all to be achieved within our annual budget however, the AIB has like nearly all construction and consulting businesses which contain the majority of our working members (the industry professionals we represent) has had to quickly adapt our operations.

As I reflect on the last three weeks the construction industry has made a significant pivot from ‘business as usual,’ and we have all been learning to adapt to a completely different set of norms to continue our work. Thankfully the Government has prioritised that construction should continue as an essential service while implementing the COVID-19 guidelines or express obligations like Stage 3 restrictions. As one of the sectors of the community that is not subject to automatic isolation, we owe a duty of care to both our workers and staff who are willing and able to work. Equally the industries and sectors that were promptly closed at the commencement of Stage 1 & 2 responses are a tragic reminder that providing for a family is a precious responsibility.

I am encouraged by the stories of members within this environment providing leadership and showing radical business change almost immediately in their responses to keep the economy moving. The reality is the public need construction to continue as it employs over 10% of Australia’s workforce. Observers outside any commercial construction site don’t see or understand that these work places are already highly regulated and well managed. Construction businesses understand a duty of care in the workplace and have developed a full suite of procedures used daily as part of any construction business. Construction workers have regular training and already use site inductions, toolbox meetings and SWMS’s as part of every working day, so adding:

  • a new procedure at the start of the day to check if individual workers are healthy before entry;
  • planning work to be spread over larger areas to maintain social distancing;
  • splitting shifts or staggered start times allowing lunchrooms to have 3, 4 or 5 rotations of use, with cleaning and disinfecting between each use;
  • having work plans that record which teams, are in which zones, to track the immediate contact risks if someone does develop symptoms, so vital information of possible exposure can be shared with the work group quickly;
  • a new procedure at the end of the day to check if individual workers are still healthy before exiting;
  • this extra level of management and monitoring is possible, and the Government understands it can be implemented quickly because it is so similar to what we must already manage as Building Professionals.

So, the Construction Industry remaining at work is not ‘a fluke’ or ‘picking favourites’ to retain jobs, but it is just one example of a well-managed workplace that can control all industry trained specialists because it has systems already. As a comparison, public entertainment venues while having well trained staff, could not manage large volumes of people who just arrive without notice. These businesses could not quickly establish controls and identification procedures and therefore present an immediate risk of infection spread that could not be monitored.

We have also adopted control measures to help our AIB staff stay safe. We moved to ‘working from home’ to avoid the potential risks for staff even though we had space for staff to be socially distanced. We have all AIB operations continuing, and staff can respond to any questions by email, the office phone is also diverted and Greg can respond to any phone enquiries in the first instance.

Our Professional Excellence Award program is still open, and our venue bookings for presentation events which were scheduled between May and July have been either cancelled or transferred to a later date in 2020 where we can’t recover venue deposits. The program will still commence judging within the next week, and this is still a great way for companies and individuals to have their 2019 projects judged and awarded so businesses will have promotional / marketing opportunities as we exit COVID-19 and return to full work mode. As the Government amends any requirements around gathering in groups, we will confirm how the presentation phase of the 2020 Awards will be offered in the future.

Membership subscriptions have now been out for a few weeks and I would encourage members to contact the National Office at membership@aib.org.au next week if you have not yet seen an email from us with your invoice attached. In an effort to responsibly manage the Institutes’ resources our first round of invoicing has been intentionally delivered electronically. If you have recently moved address or changed your contact details, we would also ask that you update these by logging on using the website to check your current record or email Kerry at membership with your new details.

You can also pay directly by using the Pay Membership Fee link while you are logged in.

We also have a payment plan offer to help members at this time with a four payment option to spread the fee over April / May / June / July so again contact Kerry at membership@aib.org.au to get the form and stagger the payments. This time has also seen some large disruption with some business announcing or commencing staff reductions so I would encourage members to also contact our office if this has affected you and you want to stay connected with the AIB but have concerns about any recent employment change.

Our Mentoring program is still seeking registrations for mentors and with some construction hibernation likely there may be time for you to volunteer to help a student or recent graduate map a pathway and start to understand what a career in building offers. You can download the mentor nomination form here and return the form to events@aib.org.au

While COVID-19 restricts gathering in person, I would encourage all AIB members to look after their own mental health by staying connected with either work colleagues or other AIB members on social platforms or scheduling group catch-ups using Zoom or Microsoft teams. As we are largely in a “working from home” environment unless you are based directly on a construction site at some point, it is still important to have the coffee chat or lunchtime quiz as part of your working day. We may still be working this way for a few months, so get into a good routine to ensure you last the distance.

Well Easter is now upon us, and with restricted travel, social distancing and some products still in short supply; I hope all members do still get time with either young family at home or older family using ‘virtual technology’ so that you can celebrate a little bit over this long weekend.

So, I look forward to seeing you Zoom at an AIB event soon.

David Burnell FAIB
National President
Australian Institute of Building


As some of you maybe aware, last year the AIB and Lahey Constructions successfully ran a pilot Mentoring Program with AIB student members and Lahey staff. One of the mentoring teams was Aman Rai, a Construction Management student from the University of Canberra who was paired with Guy Tristram (Lahey).

At the beginning of the trial program, they created objectives both professional and personal and maintained a strong relationship that enhanced Aman’s skills in communication, teamwork, leadership and self-improvement. Both Aman and Guy found the the program enriching and Aman describes the program as “life changing”.

This year the Mentoring Program will run nationally with applications for Mentor’s now open. Each Mentor will be paired with a student Mentee. If you think you have the experience and would like to give back to the industry and student members of the AIB, then download the application form and send it through to events@aib.org.au

Our National Awards team in Canberra has received a number of enquiries regarding the submission close date for our 2020 Professional Excellence Awards which was Monday just gone, the 23rd March. We are aware that some businesses have been impacted by the development of COVID-19 affecting their operations and resources with some submissions commenced but not yet completed. With this and to assist our 2020 awards entrants, we are extending the submission closing date until the 9th of April. We look forward to a successful 2020 PEA Season.

Clearly COVID – 19 has meant that we have had to move this year’s Awards events out of the next six months. We will shortly announce new dates and potential venues as soon as possible.

As more and more people are being forced to work from home to stem the further spread of the virus, we thought it may be helpful to provide you with a ‘Working from Home Safety and Wellbeing Checklist

This checklist is simply a guide and a way of ensuring that things are in place before you start work from your place of residence. I hope this helps.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone..

Greg Hughes


The first Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) Member Meeting for 2020 was held in Melbourne recently. Member associations of ACIF (including the AIB) gathered to discuss a range of issues such as the effect of the coronavirus on the industry, unfair contract terms legislation, the regulatory reforms in New South Wales, ACIF’s 2020 policy priorities, progress on the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report, and many other matters.

Bronwyn Weir (co-author of the Shergold Weir Report) gave an excellent presentation updating ACIF members on what is happening around Australia to further the reforms of the Building Confidence report, and Victorian State Building Surveyor, Andrew Cialini updated members on reforms in Victoria regarding building surveyors with a superb and succinct address.
By now you would have noticed your AIB membership renewal notice has arrived either in your Inbox or via the mail. In renewing this, it will ensure that we can continue with (but not limited to) the following initiatives:

  • Continue our work in presenting issues critical to the industry at a state, territory and federal level
  • Continue to develop meaningful and impactful continuing professional development programs
  • Deliver events and activities that enable members to be able to network
  • Deliver a professional and national Awards Program
  • Deliver a world class Accreditation program across multiple Australian universities
  • Continue to liaise with Regulators about the importance of AIB initiatives such as the National Building Professionals Register (NBPR)  
  • Continue to work with the Australian Building Codes Board and other critical bodies in pursuit of delivering on the recommendations of the Shergold Weir report
Again, this is just a taste of what a small yet dedicated team in Canberra as well as countless volunteers at a Committee level across the country undertake. Please click here to renew and ensure that you continue to support YOUR organisation.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone..
Greg Hughes


Given that the 2020 Professional Excellence Award entries are now open, I think it’s timely just to reflect on what the Awards are about. While there are many organisations that salute the property that has been built, whether it be from an architectural, engineering etc perspective, our Awards focus on the individual.

Our members, whether they are from a project management, construction management, contracts management or site management background are regularly faced at times, with a barrage of challenges that they must overcome in order to deliver a project on time and importantly, on budget.

With this, AIB Chapters are working hard as we speak to ensure that we deliver an appropriate event that will not only acknowledge, but celebrate in the success of the sheer hard work and determination that often goes into a project. So get behind the Awards program and take the next step and get an entry in ASAP. Details on how to do this can be found here.

I am also excited to announce that we have already locked down the venue for this year’s National Awards – to be held in Melbourne in September. Have a look at this video to show you more.

Due to the Coronavirus, one of the AIB’s national Corporate Partners DesignBUILD has postponed their expo until 27 to 29 October this year. As you have no doubt read, numerous businesses and organisations in our industry are being affected by the virus by way of such things as events, travel and to a degree, supply chains to and from China.

While the future of the virus is still an unknown at this point in time, it is understandable and generally agreed that the measures that we are seeing put in place are necessary to try and minimise the chance of further outbreaks.

We look forward to working with the DesignBUILD team later in the year.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes


Key bushfire standard open for all Australians to access





  • Standards Australia partners with the Australian Commonwealth government to jointly fund access for all Australians to AS 3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas until 30 June 2021
  • Standards Australia joins the wider Australian communities in their efforts to rebuild after devastating bushfires
  • AS 3959:2018 will be available soon at no direct cost to users through Standards Australia’s distributors.

Today, Adrian O’Connell, Standards Australia’s Chief Executive Officer and Karen Andrews MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology announced a joint funding agreement for access to AS 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas, for all Australians.

“This is a difficult time for many individuals and communities. When the scale of the disaster became apparent, I wanted to make sure that Standards Australia was directly contributing to the broader Australian response,” said CEO of Standards Australia, Adrian O’Connell.

By funding access to this standard together with the Commonwealth Government, Standards Australia hopes that as communities rebuild after these most recent bushfires, they do so with access to Australia’s construction standard that deals with bushfire prone areas.

“I am very proud that we have been able to announce this today,” said Mr O’Connell.

The announcement comes just months after Standards Australia put in place a new distribution and licensing framework to provide more options for delivering access to Australian Standards. Standards Australia and the Commonwealth, through the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources will be jointly funding the access until 30 June 2021 using the sponsored access pathway outlined in the distribution and licensing framework.

“When we announced our new distribution and licensing framework in November, being able to announce a partnership like this so quickly is a significant achievement for all involved. I would like to thank Minister Andrews and her Department for working with us over the last few weeks to make this happen,” said Mr O’Connell

Standards Australia’s Distribution and Licensing Framework Policy launched last year and has been paramount in the company’s ability to fund and open access to this standard and is an important example of how the new framework can support communities.

“It’s the nature of Standards Australia to support our nation and having control over our content has given us the opportunity to do this,” concluded Mr. O’Connell.

AS 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas provides guidance to professionals in the building and construction industry and is primarily concerned with improving the ability of buildings in designated bushfire-prone areas to better withstand bushfires.

Regarding the bushfires more broadly, Mr. O’Connell said it was too early to say what if any work needs to be done with technical standards following the bushfires.

“Everything that we’ve heard so far is telling us that houses built to the standard performed well. We’re currently looking for data about how AS 3959:2018 homes held up and working with relevant committees to support their ongoing work to help in this rebuilding phase.”

AS 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas, will soon be available as a PDF to all Australians until 30 June 2021.

Standards Australia is working with its distributors on making the access available. Standards Australia will make a further announcement on access points in the coming weeks.