The Australia Institute of Building (AIB) has a strong presence in Hong Kong.  AIB enjoys an excellent working relationship with various industry stakeholders in Hong Kong, something that contributes to the commitment to excellence building professionals in both regions have.  In friendly partnership with local industry stakeholders and professional bodies, AIB works to increase professionalism in the industry and develop a sense of community amongst senior builders who have a shared interest in enhancing the reputation of the industry.

lf you are a building professional residing outside Australia looking for recognition of your skills and experience, why not join AIB today?  To contact or get involved in your local AIB branch send an email to

Hong Kong Chapter Committee
Chapter President Mr Boris Wong
Immediate Past PresidentMr Sing Kit (SK) Wong
Vice President (Internal Affairs)Mr Tony WS Chan
Honorary SecretaryMr Yuen Tsz Shun
Honorary Treasurer Mr Sunny Au
Honorary AdvisorsLam / Barabeca / Kays / King / Henry / Paul Won
Committee Members Chairman, CPD / Events – Mr Caleb Hui
Chairman, Health / Safety and Environment – Mr Henry Chan
Chairman, IT + Publication – Mr Samuel Kwok
Chairman, Young Members – Mr Alex Chan
Chairman, Public + Social – Mr Richie Yeung
Chairman, China + International Link – Mr SHI Jun
Vice Chairman, China + International Link – Mr Alex K.W. Poon