Overseas Chapter

O’seas Chapter President: Robin Fardoulys LFAIB

With more than one third of its members working outside Australia, the Australian Institute of Building is recognised for its work supporting the career development of building professionals internationally.

The O’seas Chapter President  in conjunction with the AIB’s Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the development and support of AIB members who live and work outside one of the designated mainland Chapters. The AIB works to increase professionalism in the industry and a sense of community amongst senior Builders, Building Professionals and Construction Managers who have a shared interest in enhancing the reputation of the Profession and the Building and Construction Industry.

Internationally the Overseas Chapter provides a watching and consultative brief to the AIB’s Hong Kong Chapter and to the Macau Branch of the O/S Chapter. A cooperative Tripartite agreement has been signed between the New Zealand Institute of Building, the Singapore Institute of Building Limited and the AIB: Memorandums of Understanding providing recognition and cooperation have been signed with the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers and the Hong Kong Institute of Clerk of Works. Visits have been undertaken and other agreements signed with entities in South Africa, this being an ongoing process there.

The AIB is willing to enter into discussions which lead to the signing of further international agreements with other professional entities that provide recognition, respect and cooperation in their region.

Overseas Partners

University of Pretoria 

University of Cape Town