Chartered Builders Support Coalition Working Group to Re-Establish ABCC

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today came out in support of the Coalition’s announcement yesterday of a Working Group to promptly re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) in an effective, organised and consultative manner.

“We strongly endorse the Coalition’s commitment to restore the ABCC with its former powers within three months of the first parliament sitting if re-elected.”, said Mr Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer.

“Since the ABCC was abolished by the current Government, industrial activity has been on the rise, and this has meant higher costs for construction firms, and has added to financial pressures that have seen more companies going bankrupt. The higher costs have also resulted in less construction work, which has meant less work for existing construction workers, and fewer new workers being taken on.”

“The re-establishment of the ABCC would be a win-win for construction firms and workers in the industry.”

“The AIB supports all parties abiding by the law, and for a strong enforcement agency that will ensure that this occurs.”

“Fair Work Building amp; Construction unfortunately has not provided the environment that the construction professionals who make up our membership need to operate as productively as they could be.”

“Funding cuts of $6 million a year to Fair Work Building amp; Construction in the most recent Federal Budget have only exacerbated this situation.”

“We look forward to speaking to whatever Government is elected regarding how best to improve governance in the construction sector”, Mr Hunt stated.

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