Chartered Builder Lose Faith in COAG After Review Dropped

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today called for urgent reconsideration of the decision not to proceed with the productivity review into the building and construction industry.

“Chartered Builders around Australia have expressed disappointment in the decision to axe the productivity review into the industry and have lost confidence in the commitment by COAG to support this vital industry” said Mr Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer.

“Industry groups and the built environment professions have been working strenuously since the first announcement of this review to prepare for a collaborative and constructive review process with the COAG team and to hear of this change of heart is very frustrating.”

“AIB and its Chartered Builder members have committed significant time and effort in preparing for this review and clearly the decision today to scrap the review shows total disregard to a huge section of Australia’s economy”

“What is particularly worrying is that as the building industry continues to stagnate in a lacklustre development environment tied up with unnecessary regulation, poorly thought out and damaging taxes and charges, and the complete lack of stimulus, the whole country will start to really suffer.”

“On behalf of the 85,000 professionally trained construction managers out there trying to add value to the Australian economy I do hope that the leaders of this country look beyond September this year and reconsider this poorly thought out and short sighted decision”, Mr Hunt added.