Since 1975, the AIB has provided accreditation to selected university qualifications in building management related disciplines. This accreditation has origins from the leading role that the AIB played in the creation of the first, and subsequent, university courses specialising in building and construction management throughout Australia.

AIB accreditation verifies the relevancy of the course’s content to the profession and industry, the quality of instruction and also serves to promote that successful completion of the particular accredited program meets all the necessary academic requirements for membership of AIB.

The Institute is concerned with the education and training of all individuals in the building / construction industry and is actively involved in:

  • Advocating new tertiary courses where the need exists.
  • The development of courses in co-operation with academic staff.
  • The assessment of courses for accreditation by the Institute.
  • The encouragement of secondary school students to undertake tertiary building courses.

This accreditation, sought by the universities, provides an independent assessment of the course’s scope, content and relevance to the building profession. The accreditation provided by AIB is not enduring but reviewed in accordance with strict processes to ensure the integrity of the accreditation. The procedures followed in accrediting a program and the academic standards for programs set by the AIB can be downloaded below.

AIB Accreditation General Information Document

AIB Accreditation Academic Standards Document

Full list of currently accredited courses:
HE Accredited Courses as at May 2022

For further information email the AIB Accreditation Manager, Cheryl Collett, at

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