The Young Builders Alliance (YBA) is an initiative developed by the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) to provide a platform for students and graduates of the construction industry to jump start their careers through a wide range of seminars, site visits and other exciting opportunities to network with industry professionals.

The YBA supports the career development of young building professionals in Australia and internationally and the primary focus is to promote building as a genuine profession and to ensure that the building and construction industry has access to qualified and experienced graduates who go on to become respected leaders of their field.

The AIB encourages students enrolled in a higher education (degree) or TAFE (Certificate/Diploma) course in the discipline of building or related building discipline to join the AIB and connect with their local YBA network.

YBA Vision

To establish a vibrant group of young members who will create an environment which maximises the benefits of being a Member of the Australian Institute of Building and to the advancement of the Building Community.

YBA Objectives

  • For the creation of a Young Builders Alliance for the advancement and professional development of young Building Professionals.
  • To provide targeted professional development for Students and Associate Members and to provide advice to the Australian Institute of Building at a State and National level on the development of careers through sustainable engagement.
  • To encourage networking and mentoring relationships between members and to inculcate a culture of professional excellence amongst young members.
  • To invigorate the Australian Institute of Building membership and to be proactive within each State Chapter.
  • To link Young Builders Alliance members in each State Chapter with networking and career opportunities and to encourage the participation of women members within the building industry.
  • To advance educational preparation of student members to join the building industry and the profession of Building and Construction Management.
  • To advance the aims of the Australian Institute of Building both in Australia and Internationally.

To become an AIB Student member click below to join (for free) or call us on 02 6253 1100

Connect with your local YBA

  • WA YBA Committee

    President: Michael Barker
    Immediate Past President: Jessica Baller
    Treasurer: Armin Van Blommestein
    Marketing Lead: Nick Ross
    Industry Events Lead – Thomas D’Arcy
    Social & Networking Events Lead: Tanaka Maruta
    Membership Lead: Hazel Fadzai Mangena

  • ACT YBA Committee

    President: Aman Rai
    Vice President: Nikhil Mudgal
    Treasurer: Ritesh Goundar
    Secretary: Jenny Go

  • NSW YBA Committee

    President: Adam Rennie
    Vice President: Saxon Grujovic
    Events: Mitchell Hill
    Committee Member: Donald Stewart
    Sponsorship: Jesse Guilfoyle
    Committee Member: David Cha

  • QLD Committee

    Chair: Nick Warren
    Co Chair: Todd Lane
    Committee Member: Monish Khadye