Lowering of Standards for National Licensing is a Step Backwards and Sets a Worrying Precedent

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today came out in support of the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and urged the Standing Committee on Federal Financial Relations (SCFFR), due to meet in November, to vote no on the latest proposals for national licensing for the property profession. AIB shares REIA’s concerns about the Decision Regulation Impact Statement – Proposal for National Licensing for Property Occupations regarding the lowering of standards in many states for licensing and the requirements for compulsory professional development (CPD).

“We are very concerned that when the attention turns to the second tranche of national licensing, of which building is one of the professions set to be nationally harmonised, that this precedent of lowering standards in the real estate profession will used to do the same for builders”, said Mr Robert Whittaker, AIB National President.

“Higher educational standards and CPD are very important for a whole range of reasons.”

“They help to ensure that work undertaken is of a higher quality, safer for workers and users of the structures, has better environmental outcomes with less waste, and includes superior management practices.”

“Lowering standards for licensing is not the answer, and will harm Australia’s productivity, and provide worse outcomes for all stakeholders.”

“Therefore, we urge the State and Federal Governments not to adopt the ‘lowest common denominator’ when choosing where to set the bar for national licensing.”

“The national licensing process should actually be seen as a terrific opportunity to raise standards in those states which are lagging behind those which have set higher standards.”

“We support the REIA wholeheartedly on this issue, and in the future we will also fight hard to ensure that standards for licensing and CPD are not lowered for builders in any Australian jurisdictions”, Mr Whittaker stated.

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Mr Robert Whittaker – AIB National President, mobile 0418536046, email robert.whittaker@aib.org.au

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