The cornerstone of a professional’s standing in the community is the guiding ethical principles that shape his or her everyday life.

These guiding principles for an AIB member, regardless of grade, are set out in our Code of Ethics.  This code is a simple but powerful set of guiding principles as follows:

  1. respect the inherent dignity of the individual;
  2. place the welfare, health and safety of the community before sectional or private interests; and
  3. act in accordance with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

AIB Members, regardless of grade, must at all times: 

  • act in accordance with the guiding principles;
  • act fairly and honestly in all dealings;
  • undertake professional practice in a responsible, careful and diligent manner at all times;
  • always uphold the integrity and status of the Institute, its members and the profession of Building;
  • not disclose any confidential information acquired in the course of professional practice unless
  • required to do so by law;
  • act faithfully as an agent of their client or employer and disclose any potential conflict of interest that may arise;
  • respect the privileges, rights and reputation of other members;
  • only make public statements, express opinions or give evidence based on adequate knowledge; and
  • continue to develop relevant knowledge, skills and expertise throughout their career.

Many AIB members proudly display this code in their work places and use them to encourage their staff and colleagues to follow these important principles of professional practice.

Do you display a copy of the AIB’s code of ethics in your workplace?

If you want to promote yourself as one who is bound by this code why not consider ordering a A4 framed code of ethics from the National Office.

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