“The AIB has been my reliable source for professional growth and networking with other professionals from all sectors of the construction industry. There was place to examine technical issues, exchange views and learn from other building professionals. It helps me to be better prepared to meet demands faced in practice.

I would encourage all construction professionals to join the AIB and benefit endless opportunities by participating in technical activities, conferences, latest innovations and best practice in building construction management and to become the leader for promoting excellence in construction”.

“Joining the AIB has been immensely rewarding on both a personal and professional level, I was honoured to have previously been nominated as the WA AIB Chapter President. The AIB has given me the opportunity to engage with a broad range of high calibre industry professionals and is a forum to contribute ideas to the wider building and construction industry.

I would highly recommend building and construction professionals to join the AIB. An AIB membership gives you professional recognition and the professional development offered is second to none, including access to regular events and networking opportunities. The AIB also plays an important role in advocating for the building industry and industry professionals keeping members well informed about the broader industry issues and opportunities that impact us all.”

“When recruiting for staff, I always look for candidates who can demonstrate that they are continually developing their leadership, technical and management capabilities. Membership of the Australian Institute of Building, regardless of their level, shows me that they are serious about developing themselves as Building professionals and take pride in their industry. From my experience, I strongly encourage membership of the AIB to expand your knowledge and develop a strong network with similarly minded professionals”.

“If you want to help give your career in construction a kick start, then I highly recommend getting involved with the AIB. The support and guidance received from the organisation and its members has been formative in allowing me to achieve the career goals I have to date. Throughout my final years of studies the AIB “Young Builders Alliance” initiative provided myself and other TAFE & University students access to large construction projects, allowing us the understanding of how things were achieved in the “real world”, while meeting some of the big players in town. Now, I value the continual updates and bulletins to stay abreast of the latest developments in our industry and the continual opportunities to network with likeminded building professionals”