I trust you had a relaxing Easter Break – perhaps a chance to get that last bit of warmth before winter really starts to take a grip.

I have been speaking to a few of the judges of this year’s Professional Excellence Awards around the country who have passed comment about the excellent quality of the submissions this year. This of course does not make their job any easier, however it should make for a series of great Award events as we witness some of the top talent that we have as part of our profession.

Remember, the Awards showcase not what was built, but how it was built, taking into consideration the complexities as well as innovation that surround the construction period and that ultimately end up delivering a truly great project.

Tickets by the way are now on sale for the ACT Awards (23 May) and soon for the SA Awards (31 May) – click the links to secure your seat!

I note that there are still a few that have not picked up on the fact that they haven’t yet renewed their membership with the AIB. As a team here in Canberra and further afield, we work hard to deliver a strong Value Proposition to you through events, activities, CPD etc. Without your support of course, this just wouldn’t be possible. So if you haven’t already, click here to renew!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Greg Hughes