I am genuinely looking forward to working a full and productive year alongside National President, David Burnell. Of particular note this year will be initiatives such as:

-The trial of a National Mentoring program
-A more streamlined Professional Excellence Awards program
-The establishment of an online forum with the National President
-The staging of Constructing Our World in September
-A ramping up of our Advocacy program with Federal Government – this particularly so as we head toward a federal election

Speaking of advocacy, the next Building Minister’s Forum (BMF) is scheduled to be held in Tasmania on February 8. This is an important meeting where state and territory Building/Planning Ministers discuss issues of commonality etc but importantly, the ongoing work post the release of the Shergold Weir Report.

Also in attendance will be many of the industry heads (including the AIB) flying the flag and ensuring that we have a voice at the table. I’ll be sure to bring you some of the outcomes of this get together.

I can’t finish without mentioning again that you need to get your submission together now for the upcoming Professional Excellence in Building Awards. Head to the PEA page of our website – try out our new entry system (you’ll be pleasantly surprised!) and standby to be recognised in Australia’s premier awards program for the building professional.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes