It seems that everyday we tune into the news we are confronted with both good and bad stories with regard to COVID-19. It does seem though that here in Australia and through the expert advice of senior medical advisers, we are flattening the curve and improving day by day. The commitment from each and everyone of us in achieving this should not be underestimated.

It is through our collective efforts that industry and importantly ours, will hopefully make the recovery that we are so keenly looking for. However, in saying all of this, what we can’t do is become complacent or as commentators have been saying – take our foot off the brake too quickly. You may have read that Singapore was a world role model for COVID-19 management and now cases are rapidly rising due to an outbreak in the construction industry. It is a grim warning for our industry not to become complacent.

For those people who have entered our Professional Excellence Awards, rest assured that we are working hard to ensure that we ultimately deliver an event to celebrate the successes in our industry. You will appreciate that at the time of writing this, heavy government restrictions were in place with regard to the holding of events, however we will continue to work with the relevant event venues in working through the issues that we are confronted with.

Finally, despite the challenges that we have endured already this year with drought, fires and now COVID-19, nothing is more important than your family and loved ones – remember to safe distance and wash those hands!!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone..
Greg Hughes