The first Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) Member Meeting for 2020 was held in Melbourne recently. Member associations of ACIF (including the AIB) gathered to discuss a range of issues such as the effect of the coronavirus on the industry, unfair contract terms legislation, the regulatory reforms in New South Wales, ACIF’s 2020 policy priorities, progress on the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report, and many other matters.

Bronwyn Weir (co-author of the Shergold Weir Report) gave an excellent presentation updating ACIF members on what is happening around Australia to further the reforms of the Building Confidence report, and Victorian State Building Surveyor, Andrew Cialini updated members on reforms in Victoria regarding building surveyors with a superb and succinct address.
By now you would have noticed your AIB membership renewal notice has arrived either in your Inbox or via the mail. In renewing this, it will ensure that we can continue with (but not limited to) the following initiatives:

  • Continue our work in presenting issues critical to the industry at a state, territory and federal level
  • Continue to develop meaningful and impactful continuing professional development programs
  • Deliver events and activities that enable members to be able to network
  • Deliver a professional and national Awards Program
  • Deliver a world class Accreditation program across multiple Australian universities
  • Continue to liaise with Regulators about the importance of AIB initiatives such as the National Building Professionals Register (NBPR)  
  • Continue to work with the Australian Building Codes Board and other critical bodies in pursuit of delivering on the recommendations of the Shergold Weir report
Again, this is just a taste of what a small yet dedicated team in Canberra as well as countless volunteers at a Committee level across the country undertake. Please click here to renew and ensure that you continue to support YOUR organisation.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone..
Greg Hughes