As we push through with the imposed, ongoing COVID -19 restrictions and generally living what resembles little of what was some four or five months ago, I think we must continually put things into perspective and consider ourselves ‘lucky and fortunate’ in so many respects.

While many of us are feeling the effects of reduced or even a loss of jobs in some instances, nothing compares to the utter devastation and importantly, significant loss of life that others in various parts of the globe have endured with the pandemic. I know I speak on behalf of the National President in expressing our positive thoughts with regard to the way that the building and construction industry continues to keep moving forward.

With some sites now working over more days of the week to minimise interaction as well as the practising of safe distancing, we sense that the industry will pull through this. I can say that the Institute in concert with the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) has attended numerous Industry Roundtable meetings with relevant government and Federal Government Ministerial staff. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss any new sector specific supply chain issues that may have arisen.

Government staff are also keen to gain a sense of when particular industries might expect to encounter significant difficulties, if they haven’t already, and the nature of these issues. The meetings also discuss numbers of COVID-19 cases in the construction industry, and what practical social distancing and other COVID-19 health measures are being undertaken. In the meantime if you have any feedback in this area, please be sure to let me know at and I will pass this on and through the meetings.

Finally in the same vein this week, ACIF has released its ‘Update Report’ for April 2020. The document contains thoughts and perspectives from key industry stakeholders on the uncertain situation with regard to COVID -19. It provides information about what has been happening in different sectors of the construction industry over the past few weeks, and what may be expected over the next few weeks as Australia and the world deal with the pandemic

There is expert comment across the informative document including input from AIB National President, David Burnell.

As a member of ACIF, this is free to all AIB members and I encourage you all to read this. Click here to download. 

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes