MESSAGE FROM THE CEO (13 September 2018)

With the recent Federal Government reshuffle, a number of new Ministers are now responsible for building construction policy and regulation. Karen Andrews MP is now the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Michael McCormack MP is the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and Alan Tudge MP is the Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population.

Craig Laundy MP made a significant contribution to building policy over the last few years and we look forward to further engaging with the new line up in order to keep the momentum going of initiatives such as the Building Ministers Forum where the AIB was afforded a seat.

As we come to a close for another year of our Awards program, I firstly want to thank all those who went to the effort (which is not insignificant) in nominating a project in our Professional Excellence in Building Awards. In speaking with winners and others as I travelled around the country over the last couple of months, it reminded me to again call for those who are not members and who entered, to become one.

To be frank, I am intrigued that many people hold their heads high when winning an Award, market their achievements widely, yet there seems to be a disconnect in a membership sense. Let’s not forget that membership is the basis of our organisation and without them, we simply would not exist. In order for us to grow and prosper we can do little without members.

So if you are aware of a person that perhaps won a High Commendation or Professional Excellence Award during the year and is not an AIB member, tap them on the shoulder with some encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who attended the National Awards last Friday at the National Arboretum Canberra, it was an excellent night celebrating the achievements of the Industry.

Have a good weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes