Saturday, 3 March 2018 saw the first face to face meeting of National Council for 2018. This particular meeting was seen as an important forum to essentially set a blueprint for the next twenty four to thirty six months in a strategic planning sense. We welcomed Claire Vervaart to the table as the new Tasmanian representative and Adam Rennie from NSW.

As you would imagine, the debate at times was spirited as we started to look toward the future.

From an outcomes perspective, some of the key points of the day included:
• The further working up of a refreshed Mission Statement for the organisation (details to be released soon)
• The further working up of the Key Pillars of the organisation that includes a greater focus on students and graduates (details to be released soon)
• A strategic planning session that took into account engagement strategies of both students and graduates
• The passing of the 2018/2019 AIB budget
• A presentation on future directions of our Continuing Professional Development program
• An update on Constructing Our World 2019 – the conference
• Developing further the ‘Value Proposition’
• A great presentation from CoreLogic on market construction trends across residential, commercial, industrial etc

My thanks to those who gave freely of their time on the day. I look forward to ongoing and positive progress of the AIB

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes