As we travel around the country for the Awards program this year, I have had a chance to reflect on why people enter our Professional Excellence Awards (PEA’s) program. Perhaps:

– In the first instance, they and or their firm are extremely proud of a body of work that has been completed
– For this reason, they would like the work to be recognised and celebrated
– The PEA’s are now recognised as the leading Awards program in celebrating those individuals who contribute at a
relatively high level in the delivery of a building project
– Our Awards events are growing in popularity and professionalism
– Our Awards are an excellent networking event
– Winners of both High Commendations and Professional Excellence Awards are proud to receive their framed certificate and ultimately use this accolade for marketing material.

So why is it that so many of those who enter the Awards are not members of the AIB. To be frank, the disconnect does not make sense to me. As the leading body for building and construction professionals you and those non – members are our industry future as well as the future of our organisation.

The reality is that we continue to work very hard in delivering a strong Value Proposition, but what we clearly don’t want is an organisation that is stagnant in member growth and innovation. Perhaps in writing this piece to members, we should all make it our job to tap a non – member on the shoulder, buy them a cup of coffee and encourage them to join the AIB.

And speaking of which, it is the turn of both NSW and the ACT for their combined Professional Excellence Awards tomorrow night 8 June 2018 in Sydney.

I am confident that if the outcomes of both the South Australian and Queensland Awards are anything to go by, then it should be a great event!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes