The Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) of which the AIB is a member, met recently for the second catch up of the year.

Whilst a shorter than normal meeting, a lot of ground was covered. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews MP, joined for part of the meeting. We appreciated that she listened to the concerns and priorities of ACIF member organisations as well as giving government feedback. There was also a presentation from Equifax, who are consulting with industry on a potential star-rating system for construction companies in NSW, as part of the reforms of the NSW Government.

ACIF continues to engage in weekly roundtables with the Department of Industry, giving feedback from ACIF members regarding COVID-19. While it appears that Australia has escaped severe coronavirus health impacts compared to other countries, the economic impacts may still be challenging.

On this note, I have spent considerable time on the phone with members over the last couple of weeks and have noticed a trend in feedback. That being that there are may businesses quite actively engaged in the sector at the moment, however it would appear that there will be some significant challenges ahead as developers etc work hard to gain funding for new projects in what is a very challenging market.

As echoed by other organisations, I sense that the way forward must be that government projects be fast tracked to keep the industry moving. The reality is that if this doesn’t happen, we risk both businesses and individuals facing an uncertain future both later this year and into 2021. Perhaps it is time that you write to your local member with these views. Remember, the more we keep the noise up, the more likely we are to be heard.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.
Greg Hughes