At the most recent meeting of National Council – last Thursday (26/10) it was agreed that the organisation would embark on the development of a new Strategic Plan. I am sure you would agree that most organisations cannot rely with any great confidence in forward planning without a Strategic Plan.

Later this month, a Taskforce will work toward establishing not only a Mission Statement and Vision, but also to establish a series of priorities that will assist us in targeting our business development over the next three to five years. While we will always keep our attention focused on things such as the membership Value Proposition, it is vital that we continue to look further afield with regard to the diversification of our revenue streams.

I look forward to keeping you up to date on the outcomes of this important meeting and how we will look strategically in growing the AIB.

In closing this week, I wanted to wish those students who have either graduated or are now in ‘break mode’ from University until next year a great Christmas/New Year. I am very aware of the commitment that you have given or are continuing with as far as your studies. Building & construction is a rewarding profession to be a part of and I sincerely trust that we can look forward to your continued and ongoing AIB membership as a Graduate etc and that you may be able to derive much benefit from being a member of the organisation.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

Greg Hughes
CEO, Australian Institute of Building