More Balance Needed on BSA Panel of Experts

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today urged the Queensland Government to enlist a representative from the building profession to serve on the independent unit it has assembled to assess the recommendations of a parliamentary inquiry into the Building Services Authority (BSA).
“We wholeheartedly support maximum transparency and accountability for the Queensland building regulator, and the creation of this panel to assess the recommendations of the inquiry into the BSA is a sensible proposal”, said Mr Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer.
“However, we question why, as it currently stands, there will be no representation from the building profession on this panel.”
“AIB stands ready to assist the Queensland Government by providing a very qualified, experienced and appropriate Queensland builder to be part of this unit.”
“As the panel will aim to ensure that the reformed BSA strikes the right balance between the interests of builders and consumers, a representative from the building profession should be an essential part of the panel.”
“It is not always consumers that come off second best in building disputes, but often builders are unfairly treated, with many not paid for work undertaken because of spurious claims made about the work. Many builders now find themselves in financial difficulty, or some cases have gone bankrupt due to the market downturn, but also because of poor government regulation, legislation and dispute resolution processes.”
“I look forward to speaking with the Queensland Government about the make-up of the independent panel, and also about the best ways to reform the BSA”, Mr Hunt added.