From National President, David Burnell and CEO, Greg Hughes

The AIB was last week invited to attend and present to the Building Ministers Forum (BMF) in Hobart along with 21 other industry and employer groups as a follow up to the last meeting held in August 2018.

Our task was to report on … What is industry doing to support cultural change?

While our response was around some of the work we have been involved in through seminars, presentations etc, it also highlighted our support to the Shergold Weir Report, as well as work we have done with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and Standards Australia (SA).

The Shergold Weir Report clearly identified that our current regulatory system is not robust and the headline grabbing failures of recent times can only be improved if all the parties take action.

This industry should be able to rely on a national framework for construction led by this group of Ministers that includes:
• State and Federal ministers who work cooperatively as the lead regulators;
• Universal adoption and use of NCC volumes 1-3 across all jurisdictions;
• National Licencing for all building practitioners;
• Adopting an industry wide approach to continuing professional development as a requirement for all licence holders;
Following the meeting in Tasmania, an official Communique was released that highlighted some of the key outcomes of the gathering:

BMF Communique

The AIB also noted that the NSW Government’s Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean issued a press release late yesterday (10/02/19) articulating ‘plans to improve the building and construction industry’.

NSW Government release

While the Institute is cognisant of a looming NSW election, the fact remains that whichever party is successful at the ballot box, the AIB supports the establishment of a Building Commissioner who would in effect, take responsibility for licensing and auditing of practitioners.

This model is one that should be replicated across the country in all states and territories.

The AIB is also in a strong position to support states and territories who execute an initiative such as this with the National Building Professionals Register (NBPR).

Some Government licensing bodies refer to the NBPR as a guide for an assessment of professional competence.

The Institute welcomes this positive news across many fronts.

‘The AIB supports the need for a robust system of certification, licencing and education for Project Managers and other professionals within our organisation’