Professional Builders Commend Government’s Announcement of an Office of Asbestos Safety

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB), which represents thousands of Chartered Builders in Australia, today endorsed the Federal Governments announcement of a national body to coordinate asbestos awareness and management in Australia.

“AIB applauds this announcement, and measures by the Federal Government to reduce the grim statistics from asbestos-related illnesses”, said Robert Whittaker, AIB National Vice President.

“With Australia having one of the highest rates of asbestos related disease in the world, and around 600 Australians dying each year from asbestos related causes, this announcement is very welcome.”

“On a personal level, my own father died from mesothelioma and I can testify that it was a devastating experience watching him suffer and deteriorate from the condition.”

“Well done to the Government for taking the initiative, and creating a national office to tackle this issue.”

“Lets hope that by this announcement, thousands of Australians and their families do not have to suffer the way my father and our family did.”

“We look forward to working with the Government and the new agency to ensure the awareness and management program put in place successfully meets all objectives”, Mr Whittaker said.