Professional Builders Critical of Building Code 2013

The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) today criticised the Federal Government’s Building Code 2013, with its provisions to try to override state legislation which aims to tackle unlawful behaviour on building sites, and the fact that it was introduced into the House of Representatives without any consultation with industry or professional bodies.

“We urge the Greens and independents to reject this legislation in the Senate, and support the Coalition’s disallowance motion, which must be brought on within 14 parliamentary sitting days”, said Mr Robert Hunt, AIB Chief Executive Officer.

“While we support the idea of a building code, it must undergo a proper consultation process, which may have resulted in a more balanced piece of legislation had that occurred.”

“The Legislative Instruments Act 2003 requires the Government to consult before a legislative instrument is introduced where the legislation will have a significant effect on industry. The Government failed to do this and we are very concerned.”

“I would imagine that the Government failed to consult with professional and industry groups because it knew that these would be very much against this proposed Building Code. The construction industry is suffering with extremely tight margins, and the last thing it needs is legislation like this that will encourage more industrial action.”

“We agree with the Business Council of Australia that a higher priority than this code is for COAG to follow through on its agreement from April last year to investigate Australia’s high construction costs and consider referring the issue to the Productivity Commission for a full inquiry.”

“We are deeply disappointed with this Building Code 2013 and the manner in which the whole matter has been handled”, Mr Hunt added.