The Building Products Industry Council (BPIC) supports the recommendations by the Senate Inquiry into Non-Conforming Building Products Final Report. The report is a reflection of many of the industry’s concerns about nonconforming building products (NCBPs) and the demonstrable harm they are doing to the public and the sector.

“In the lead up to the federal election the public and the industry expect to see clear policy statements from the Liberals, Labor, the Greens and Independents that commit resources and effort to enacting the recommendations of this report,” says Rodger Hills the Executive Officer of BPIC. “Without such commitment, the work of the Senate Inquiry and the input from industry over the last 5 years will have been for nothing.”

The Senate Inquiry’s final report is the most comprehensive assessment of the problem to date by Government, but there has been little progress on the recommendations made in its three interim reports leading up to the final version.“With some of the Senate’s recommendations there has even been push-back by the federal government and dispute about their findings,” says Mr Hills. “This casual dismissal of such important national matters is unacceptable to both the voting public and the industry.”

The Senate Committee clearly had this dismissive attitude by government in mind when it stated in its report: “…the committee would encourage both the government and the Building Ministers’ Forum to increase the level of momentum in implementing these recommendations and, moreover, those recommendations that have been raised previously.”

With a federal election looming, BPIC believes it makes sense for all political parties and crossbenchers to clearly state their intentions regarding the findings of the Senate Inquiry into NCBPs. That way voters and the industry will be able to make informed decisions about which party and which individuals are going to act on the findings and fix these entrenched issues once and for all.

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