John Gaskin, AIB National President NATIONAL PRESIDENT’S WELCOME
The National Professional Excellence awards were held in the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 26th February 2022, and it was an excellent evening where over 200 attendees enjoyed celebrating the achievements of the Australian Institute of Building members and industry organisations.

2022 will see the completion of the development of the Australian Institute of Building website and it is on schedule to be launched at the beginning of July. The website will provide up to date information in a modern format providing members with information on CPD events both at a chapter and national level, an upgraded members benefits program and a solid base for the ongoing development of an interactive information and communication system.

The restructure of the NBPR was endorsed by the National council at the February meeting with the commitment to funding the NBPR restructure which will ensure that the NBPR remains relevant to the Australian Institute of Building members.

The new financial accounting system is now providing relevant and detailed levels of reporting for both the state and national councils and is already providing benefits in the financial management and reporting and it is providing the tools to assist in the ongoing financial viability of the Australian Institute of Building.

The Australian Institute of Buildings accreditation program for universities has been finalised for 2022 and is quite an extensive schedule for the programs team. An operational budget has been prepared by the accreditation committee and after a review by the finance and investment committee the budget has been incorporated into the national accounts.

With the federal election to take place no later than 21st May 2022, the AIB continues with its planned program of lobbying and participating in various government standing committees.

The continued pressures of increased construction costs, material, and labour shortages, ongoing Covid 19 disruptions and the financial failure of contractors and sub-contractors, the AIB continues to be well placed to work with the industry, as well as federal, state, and local authorities to develop innovative solutions to operate in this ever-changing environment.

Australia Institute of Building, through ongoing discussions with the relevant state and federal authorities and industry bodies is recognized with regards to the role that it plays in the education and certification for licencing of contractors. This will continue to be a focus for the Australian Institute of Building in 2022.

The Australian Institute of Building continues to provide advice to help lead our members to a successful recovery from the financial impact of Covid 19 and the recent floods on the east coast of Australia which are having a devastating effect on not only the industry but on the society.

With the support of the chapter committees the Australian Institute of Building continues to service its current members and continue with its program of increasing its membership within the broader industry.

In particular there is a focus on maintaining and increasing the AIB membership, with a specific focus on the younger members of our industry.

John Gaskin AM FAIB  

National President