1955 Sir M R Hornibrook OBE LFAIB
Mr E A Watts FAIB
1960 Mr H Wilckens FAIB
1970 Sir A V Jennings LFAIB
1972 Sir K D Morris CBE JP FAIB
1974 Mr A L Rigby AM ED JP FAIB
1976 Mr F O Watts OBE FAIB
1978 Mr W E Wagener FAIB
1982 Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) F E Crowle AM FAIB
1984 Mr R A Swane AM LFAIB
1987 Mr L C Spencer FAIB
1989 Mr H D Kennerson AM LFAIB
1993 Mr C W Martin AM LFAIB
1998 Mr G W Dore OAM FAIB
2005 Honorary Professor J C Hutchinson AM FAIB
2007 Colonel (Rtd) L S Thompson AM ED RFD LFAIB
2009 Honorary Professor (CQU) P S Fardoulys AM LFAIB
2013Dr William Mansell AM FAIB
2018David Beslich FAIB
Norman Faifer FAIB
2021Thomas Morris OAM LFAIB
Robin Fardoulys AM LFAIB

The AIB Medal honour was established in 1954 when the Council, bearing in mind the objects and purposes for which the Institute is constituted, determined that these circumstances should be kept before members as a constant reminder of the purpose of its founders, and saw fit to achieve this in the award of a medal at biennial intervals to a member who has made a contribution of merit to the practice and science of building. The medal, which is the highest award which the Institute can bestow on a member, has on its obverse the armorial bearings of the Institute and on the reverse a symbolic design of the practice of build.