Responsibility for the overall management of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) lies with its Council. The AIB Council comprises Office Bearers, the immediate Past National President, and a nominee from each of the AIB Chapters.

John Gaskin AM FAIB
National President
Scott Reid FAIBNational Senior Vice President
Dino Krommydas FAIBNational Vice President
George Moschoyiannis FAIBNational Vice President
David Burnell FAIB Immediate Past President
Robert Holdom FAIB
Council Representative – NSW
Greg McLean OAM FAIBCouncil Representative – QLD
Peter Henden FAIBCouncil Representative – ACT
Linda Tivendale FAIBCouncil Representative – VIC
Damian Rogers AM FAIB

Council Representative – TAS
Gavin Tonkin FAIBCouncil Representative – SA / NT
Greg Downing FAIBCouncil Representative – WA
Boris Wong FAIBCouncil Representative – Hong Kong
Robin Fardoulys AM LFAIBCouncil Representative – Overseas
Adam Rennie AMAIB (YBA)Observer