The Australian Institute of Building is progressive, inclusive and recognised throughout the building and construction industry as the arbiter of knowledge and learning.


In order to deliver our value proposition, AIB will:

  • Advance through learning
  • Accredit university courses
  • Partner with our members in their careers
  • Promote the value of using the term Chartered Building Professional
  • Advocate on behalf of members aims
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas
  • Foster research
  • Ensure good Governance and management
  • Operate under the culture of Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • Inculcate a culture of professional excellence amongst young builders.

Ten Point Plan

The AIB supports a cooperative and productive building and construction environment based on consultation between government, industry and academia through formal mechanisms, and appropriate appointment of risk and responsibility owned by the various parties. It supports a coordinated unified system of regulation for the construction industry based on the following principles:

  1.   Code of Ethics 
  2.   Single Regulatory Agency
  3.   National Construction Code
  4.   Formal Education for Builders
  5.   Licencing of Key Building Professions and Trades
  6.   Registration System for all Builders and Trades
  7.   Building Quality Manager
  8.   Documentation Review
  9.   Building Surveyor Sign Off
  10.   Insurance System   

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